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United Kingdom
Studying Fine arts at college and have been drawing for about five years. I also write and aspire to someday get some books done. If i find a way to sell stuff then fantastic but for now this is just a gallery.

Current Residence: england
Favourite genre of music: Any if its good.
Favourite photographer: Kirsty Davies
Favourite style of art: expressionist, or symbolic
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Thor
Personal Quote: Fantastic
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: bobby mcferrin
  • Reading: Hannibal,The vampire lestat
  • Watching: the cleveland show
  • Eating: choclit ^^ (so friggin much of it)
  • Drinking: coffee
first point of order, i am now 16!

HUZZAH! *hi5*

i had a surprise birthday party^^ honestly at first i thought 'aw fuck im going to hate this' but to tell the truth its the best birthday id ever had :) thankyou to my friends who came. you really made me feel loved (and thankyou to triffy for POKEMON F**KING HEARTGOLD!!!! :D:D:D)

im now legal...though just because i can probably doesnt mean i will for ages yet...ah well

busy month this month as im on a residential, starting my gcses properly, going to leeds to see my uncle and aunt and their kids and  some other stuff ive probably forgotted

im nearing  the final leg of my secondary school days and im about to be pole vaulted headfirst into college and near adultlife. im petrified, but its the good kind of petrified that makes you feel alive and well and on your toes and prepares you against whatevers gonna come up. and i already have a place in college and the  main  GCSE's under my belt (barring R.E which will be a doddle...heh heh...doddle)

staying in a mansion for a couple of days to work on a theater project. im a little disappointed cause i didnt get to do any script writing (they asked me to do the end but i forgot and  they used triffy's instead) and thats like one of my  main skills. i did do some art forthem but at the moment im really not quite sure  whether they're using it or not. and im in small one line and non speaking parts which is a shame because i kinda like acting...its probably have taken it if our school didnt do crappy musicals all the time (barring  bugsy malone that i couldnt audition for case i was busy on the day)

*sigh* but at least i get to sing...and dance...hooray -_- i suppose i just feel like i could have contributed more and i havent been given the  chance to get to my full potential...also theres the fear ill  suck  on the performance night and let everybody down *shudders*

ah well, i like old buildings and im sure it wont be THAT horrible (thinks back to when i lost my tooth) and some of th girlsthere are quite cute and fun too ;) heh

on a lighter note im reading  'the vampire lestat' again and LOVING IT anne rice is to vampires what muffins are to pot heads with the munchies. she's my idol i suppose and if i can get to be a quater as good  as her then im set for life.

blagh actual book writing is going slowwly...i cant focus and i have huge writers block because of the gcse's. :( . plusi keep getting all stressed out and yelling at my friends for  stupid reasons (im sorry by the way) i just need more sleep...

till next month im signing out

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